Our Background

The principals of our company came together after substantial careers to start this venture in early 2013. With our partners, we have deep networks across indigenous and corporate Australia, and particular links into Indigenous North Queensland, Cape York and remote and Northern Australia generally. Our skills and track record include Mediation/alternative dispute resolution, legal, financial, accounting, process and impact monitoring and evaluation, investment banking, corporate and project financing, micro finance, project origination and management, international development aid, Native Title mediation, trade union liaison and management, stakeholder management and Government liaison. We have particular skills in large scale land management and development projects including agriculture, social housing, civil works and infrastructure, mining and energy, tourism and carbon farming. 

Terry's mediation skills have been developed over 50 years in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous environments and George is an NMAS Accredited Mediator.

Our Vision

We recognise a wealth of potentially sustainable economic options and projects in remote Australia, which are capable of delivering cultural, social, environment and economic imperatives to traditional owners in country.

We acknowledge the many traditional owners who have both the capability and desire to embrace a way of life on their country, which does not rely on Government handouts, and creates private and community wealth and options.

We are resourced to serve, as a commercial partner and platform, indigenous communities and individuals who choose to pursue a private economy pathway to development of their country and their communities.